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Solentus' relationship with the FAA is based on a history of superior performance. Solentus is proud to support the development and deployment of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). Solentus also supports the FAA in providing operational and safety enhancements to the current National Airspace System (NAS). We have extensive experience in the following NextGen transformational programs and related areas:

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)
Solentus provides subject matter expertise and qualified UAS pilots with experience in air traffic control phraseology, typical aircraft behaviors, and mission operations. Solentus supports a series of simulations to be conducted at the NextGen Integration and Evaluation Capability (NIEC) laboratory at the Technical Center.

NAS Voice System (NVS)
Solentus provides program management support in the development of NVS acquisition strategy, investment analysis, transition plan, and life cycle support. Solentus provides systems engineering support in the development of NVS Reference Architecture, technical alternatives, scenarios, and analysis. Solentus provides support to the ICAO and EUROCAE WG-67 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for Air Traffic Management (ATM) standards development.

Data Communications (DataComm)
Solentus' experience with DataComm includes providing technical expertise and domain knowledge in addition to reviewing architecture requirements and design, recommending equipment for the DataComm Lab, and providing support for the setup and maintenance of the DataComm Lab. Other experience in this domain includes interfacing with FAA management, providing input for manpower requirements and monitoring development and system tests, coordinating integration with other FAA Technical Center labs, participating in the integration of DataComm into the NAS, preparing operational test (OT) cases and scenarios, and executing end-to-end OT.

System-Wide Information Management (SWIM)
Solentus' expertise with SWIM includes build verification and test services to FAA for Fuse products, monitoring and witnessing the individual SWIM Implementing Program (SIP) development testing activities, and developing and reviewing program documents such as requirement specifications, FAA SWIM-related standards, planning documents, and validation standards documentation. Solentus is supporting the SWIM Lab upgrade and expansion.

Telecommunications Services
Solentus currently provides telecommunications, network, and engineering support at the FAA Technical Center. Solentus supports the following efforts at the Technical Center Communications Lab (which houses operational networks): quality verification testing, system/telecommunication integration testing, second-level maintenance support, backup support for fielded systems, surveillance radar distribution, configuration management, and hardware and software support.

Next Generation Air-to-Ground Communications (NEXCOM)
Solentus supports the definition and analysis of functional and performance requirements for NEXCOM by participating in FAA, RTCA, EUROCAE, and ICAO standards development, validation, and coordination efforts. Solentus provides extensive program and project-level engineering support, and plays a critical role in test and evaluation support to the NEXCOM Segment 1 and 2 Program Offices. Solentus is also currently providing acquisition planning and support to the Segment 2 Program Office.

NAS Defense Program (NDP)
Solentus supports the NDP at the FAA Technical Center by providing subject matter experts for second-level engineering service support. Solentus also supports implementation of Short Duration Radar Integration (SDRI) and projects with permanent radar feeds for NDP clients. Other experience in this domain includes configuring and installing equipment according to vendor manuals, testing and verifying surveillance radar data, assisting with coordination between client and FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI), maintaining operation of NDP network, and creating and updating network diagrams.

Advanced Technology Development and Prototyping (ATD&P) Group
The FAA's ATD&P Group conducts the research required to fulfill the NextGen mission. Solentus supports this organization by providing effective and efficient day-to-day support: financial planning, program management, budgeting, strategy, and execution of assigned programs focusing on near- and mid-term NextGen implementations. In addition, Solentus provides strategic management and planning support to the program office and has developed contractual agreements, engineering documents, and resource planning documents. The ATD&P Group supports the following programs:

Oceanic Tactical Trajectory Management (OTTM)
Solentus supports the OTTM project which focuses on the NextGen near- and mid-term timeframes to develop a global, more strategically managed airspace that is integrated across international boundaries and existing air traffic environments. All OTTM initiatives incorporate improved fuel efficiency, reduced environmental impact, system predictability, and enhanced performance by enabling air operators to fly closer to their optimal four-dimensional (4-D) trajectories when in oceanic airspace. Since its conception, Solentus has worked in conjunction with the FAA Air Traffic Organization's En Route and Oceanic Services (the FAA service unit that implements approved OTTM projects) to ensure that all OTTM initiatives and activities are applicable, meaningful, and feasible for the airspace system.

International Air Traffic Interoperability (IATI)
Solentus supports the FAA IATI program to promote safe, affordable, and rapidly implemented innovations into ATM along oceanic routes. It will demonstrate and accelerate airline and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) efficiency improvements using existing systems and technologies. IATI contributes directly to NextGen concepts and supports international collaboration, avoids overlap, and will resolve conflicts for activities with national and international organizations, including the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). IATI demonstration and development initiatives will assist the international communities and the FAA to validate new DOD 4-D Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) and Performance-based Air Traffic Management (PATM) alternatives.

Network Enabled Operations (NEO)
Solentus supports the NEO program for FAA Headquarters and the FAA Technical Center by providing subject matter experts for second-level engineering service support. Solentus provides advisory services in support of demonstrating one or more operational scenarios for the integration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) into the National Airspace System (NAS). Solentus' experience in this domain includes network configuration and the installation of network and information processing equipment in support of demonstration programs to integrate communications, navigation and surveillance data, and present that information to air traffic control personnel.

Closely Spaced Parallel Operations (CSPO)
Solentus provides programmatic support to the CSPO effort. Solentus has been working closely with the FAA throughout the planning and execution of the CSPO effort, especially strategizing and structuring the CSPO effort to properly align with FAA processes and accelerate NextGen. Solentus' personnel apply proven program management practices to ensure the application of engineering and management best practices and standards.

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    Arlington, VA- September 8, 2011

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